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Complete Guide to Using Cargo Delivery Services

The following are some of the usual methods of shipping goods, whether it’s shipping goods abroad or also shipping goods accompanied by a ship agency, which are generally used. Goods Tech is a program that connects people who need baggage exploration services or truck rentals (shippers) with people or businesses who own trucks and provide luggage exploration services (vendors). The Goods Program emerged as a place to explore and offer the best prices for truck rentals.

Method of Using Cargo

It’s very easy to get involved and use the services in the Items program. You just need a gadget (smartphone or PC), an active cellphone number, and an email destination. Currently, we are ready to send a baggage exploration request with these steps:

1. Sorting Services

Choose a comfortable and reliable cargo service so that your goods arrive at their destination comfortably and intact and the cargo delivery fee is affordable.

2. Fill in the Content Browsing Application Form

When we first open the item, we are taken to a page that contains copies of useful fields to fill in as information on your baggage exploration request. The blank has data on the direction of delivery, delivery schedule, and details of the baggage that you will send.

3. Fill in Your Personal Information

Complete the necessary personal information, such as: complete nickname, email destination, cellphone number, and password to log back in at a different time. After that, re-read the more global benchmarks and regulations below to make sure we agree to them.

4. Confirm your cellphone number

The Goods Program will send an SMS to our cellphone number in the form of an OTP signal to confirm that the number we entered is correct. Enter the OTP code into the Item program and proceed to the next level. Defend Pay: Do not have time to spread or share the OTP signal to confirm it to anyone. Moreover, even if it is an employee in Tech Goods to ensure your people information will always be comfortable.

5. Verify Your Application

You’re almost done with the price request upload part. The next stage is to re-verify the information that we initially filled in is correct. If something goes wrong, re-edit that part until it’s correct. However, you can press the “Next” button to upload our application.

6. Observe All Ijabs Obtained and Selection Among Vendors

As soon as you upload, the Goods program will send a note to all qualified vendors to submit approvals for the application we send. Here, you can see all the vendors who sent the consent.

7. Payment Method Selection

The payment method in the Goods program is very flexible. You can choose to give money over Tech Items as a simultaneous account or give money directly to vendors without going over Goods. There are also bank options if you choose to give money over Tech Items, namely BCA, Adiratna, and BNI.

However, if you are going to pay cash directly to vendors, please read this note first to make sure you master the comparison between “pay money over Tech Goods” and “pay money directly to vendors without going over Tech Items”. The delivery of these two types of payments will be protected by insurance, but for this type of payment directly to the vendor there is a limited period of time.

8. Communicate With Vendors To Ensure Smooth Browsing

In conclusion, you are looking for a vendor, and browsing can be done according to the program we want. In this section, you should always talk to the vendor to ensure the details of the break-in loading shipment. During this time too, we can ask vendors to provide baggage browsing status in shipments via the Vendor Items application.

9. Verify After Browsing Complete

Make sure that each piece of baggage reaches the destination it was sent to, and that no baggage is damaged or lost. After that, immediately ask the vendor to upload a line message (POD) into the program. This line message is useful as a fact that we have made a delivery, and as a fact if you need an insurance claim. Carry out the verification online beyond the program (must).

10. Leave a Testimonial

Safe! Your baggage has arrived at its destination and has been confirmed. Please leave proof for vendors beyond the program, the illustration is “Thank you vendor A for helping me send luggage quickly and comfortably out of town”.

11. Share this Empirical to others

Now is the time for our friends, family, or friends to know if you have used the goods and are satisfied with the services provided. Don’t hesitate to return to the Items program to re-upload another baggage exploration fare request.